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Built-in grill

Your Built-in Grill: The Heart of Outdoor Cooking

A built-in grill is more than just a cooking appliance – it’s the center of your outdoor kitchen and the place where culinary dreams come true. At our store, you’ll find not only a variety of built-in grills from reputable brands, but also a wide range of accessories that will optimize your outdoor cooking experience.

Big Green Egg
Ceramic grill

Big Green Egg - Tradition Meets Innovation

The Big Green Egg ceramic grills are synonymous with quality and versatility. With an extensive selection of accessories, these charcoal grills are perfect for all grill masters who love traditional flavors while appreciating innovative features.

Ceramic grill Advanced ceramic technology for even heat dissipation.

Grillsteak auf Stilgrill Schneidbrett

Versatility With the Big Green Egg you can grill, smoke, roast and even bake – the possibilities are virtually endless.

Großansicht mobile Outdoor-Küche

Large Selection From Large to Xlarge, Big Green Egg offers a wide range of grill sizes to fit any need.

Accessories Big Green Egg offers a variety of accessories, such as cast iron gratesand special cooking utensils to make grilling even better.

mobile Outdoorküche auf Rädern

Temperature control Big Green Egg allows precise temperature control to ensure that every dish is cooked to perfection.

Gas grill

BULL - The Power of Stainless Steel

BULL grills are synonymous with sturdy construction and top-notch performance. Made of solid stainless steel, these gas grills offer exceptional durability and impressive grilling results.

Logo Authorized Dealer - BULL

Built-in side burner made of solid cast stainless steel, to complement the BULL grill

BULL Lebenslange Garantie
Bull Gasgrill, Ausschnitt

BULL gas grill high quality stainless steel gas grill from the Californian manufacturer BULL, with cast stainless steel burner and infrared rear burner.

Plancha plate stainless steel plate with fat tray suitable for all BULL grills

Räucherbox - Bull Zubehör

Bull Smoker Box Stainless steel box for BULL gas grills, to fill with wood chips for the authentic smoked flavor.

Style & Function

BeefEater - Australian Design Meets Top Performance

BeefEater is the answer to the quest for exceptional grill design without compromising performance. These Australian grills are the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Australian Design Unique aesthetic grill designs from Australia.

Drehknöpfe des BeafEater Grills

Powerful BeefEater grills deliver powerful grilling performance that produces professional results. Light the fire for your perfect BBQ.

Ausschnitt BeafEater Grill

Flat and roasting hood Wide range of grilling options by using a flat hood or a roasting hood. Perfect for any barbecue needs.

Accessories Variety of accessories for individual grilling pleasure.

Temperaturanzeige - BeafEater Grill

Built-in side burner The built-in side burner extends the versatility of the grill. Ideal for frying, cooking or keeping food warm.

Flame Power
Made in Germany

Flammkraft - German Quality for the Highest Demands

Designed and manufactured in Germany, Flammkraft offers stainless steel grills with impressive performance. Equipped with ceramic burners, these grills combine an excellent roasting and cooking zone for a perfect grilling result.


Stainless steel grill Flammkraft grills are made entirely of sturdy stainless steel

Flammkraft on Fire

Award-winning design Flammkraft Block D, winner of the German Design Award for “Excellent Product Design”.

Flammkraft Spies

Exceptional quality Flammkraft grills are characterized by high-quality materials and elaborate manufacturing processes.

Sustainability Durability and responsible production in cooperation with regional partners.

German precision Flammkraft stands for uncompromising quality and durability, manufactured in Germany.

BBQ auf Flammkraft Grillrost

Maximum power Infrared burners offer high performance and flexibility for any grilled food.


Ceramic grill, gas grill and stainless steel grill and exclusive accessories from selected partners.
Our outdoor kitchens are made in Austria.

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